health granules

    People use Kaavira Health Granules because it :

  • Can be used for all the people in the age group of 3 to 93 years

  • Is nutritional product

  • Is made from 12 different Ayurvedic herbs

  • Improves physical as well as mental health

  • Is Rich in the taste

  • Is easy to swallow when eaten directly

What are the benefits of the herbs used in Kaavira Health Granules ?

Sr. No. Ingredient Use
1. ASHWAGANDHA Improves physical as well mental health
Reduces Blood sugar levels
2. SHATAVARI It helps treating ulcers
Treats low breast milk
3. SHANKHPUSHPI It improves memory and intellect
4. BRAMHI Reduces stress and anxiety
Has lot of antioxidants which further helps to remove free radicals from blood which can mutate into cancer cells
5. ARJUNA Balances Pitta, Vata, Kaph.
It is highly effective for heart disease
6. VIDARIKAND It takes care of low breast milk
Tonic for reproductive organs
7. JYESHTISMADH Minimizes acidity, beneficial for eyes
Improves your voice
Takes care of liver
Good for skin problems
8. TAAJ It is one type of Dalchini
Increase food intake level
Digests food properly
Increases nutritional level
9. MANJISHTHA Wipes out impurities in body
Helps skin to glow
Works as an antacid
It takes care of uterus
10. TRIKATU Cures respiratory disease like cough and asthma
11. GOKSHUR Helpful medicine in kidney stones
12. VAVDING Improves the activity of digestive enzymes.

How to consume ?

  • adults take 2 table spoons of Kaavira Health Granules and add it to lukewarm milk or water once in a day.

  • For children take 1 table spoon of Kaavira Health Granules and add it to lukewarm milk or water once in a day.

  • Or you can directly eat 2 table spoons of granules.

  • This product is not suitable for diabetic patient.


  • It is available in a plastic container.

  • Quantity available is 200 gm.

  • Product comes in Chocolate flavor.



"I am student. I have been stressed managing my academic and extra curriculum life. The pressure of studies plus the hectic life schedule hampered my physical as well as mental health. I started using Kaavira Health Granules on a Daily basis. And the result was really amazing. I managed both the things with great performances as this product helped me to increase my stamina."

- Meher Sankpal, Kolhapur.

"In middle age a woman always faces many health problems. Balancing house chores plus work made me feel really tiresome. Having energy throughout the day was a very big challenge for me. But Kaavira’s Health Granule made this challenge really easiest one and now I am energetic throughout the day. Thank you Kaavira."

- Savita Kulkarni, Latur.