cough syrup

    People use Cuff Astra because :

  • It is made from 15 different Ayurvedic herbs

  • It is useful in
    - Throat infection
    - Cough (chesty and dry)
    - Cold
    - Asthma
    - Smokers cough

  • Unlike other cough syrups this one doesn’t result into drowsiness after consumption

  • Is 20ml Extra

  • No sugar added

  • No added colors and chemicals

  • Is thick as honey

What are the benefits of the herbs used in Cuff Astra ?

Sr. No. Ingredient Use
1. Vasaka Provides relief to sore throat
2. Tulsi Have diverse healing properties
3. Haldar Lowers the risk of Heart disease
Improves immunity
4. Pipper Helps in Respiratory Problems
Improves Digestion
5. Jyeshti madh Cures Digestive problems
Helps in sore throat
6. Sunth Helpful in Chest pain
7. Ajmo Helps in curing Common Cold
8. Tamal patra Used in the treatment of Cold and Infections
9. Pudina Cures Headache
Helps to Reduce stress
10. Kantkari Used in the treatment of Cough, Migraine and Asthma
11. KaaliMirch Fights infections, has antioxidant properties
12. Nilgiri oil Reduces intensity of Respiratory Diseases and used as Antiseptic
13. Bhismseni Kapoor Treats Cold and Cough
Relives pain and swelling
14. Honey Soothes Sore Throat
15. Sito Paladi Churna Cures Cough, Cold and other Respiratory Diseases

How to consume it ?

  • For children take ½ to 1 table spoon, for infant take ¼ spoons, and for adults take 1 to 2 table spoon of Cuff Astra 3 to 4 times a day.

  • Drink it in the lukewarm water.

  • Or take as directed by the physician.


  • Plastic bottle of 120 ml is available.



"I am Sofiya. My son, Raj, had cough problem during cold winters. Like other children he would demand off to school while he was coughing. But using Kaavira’s Cuff Astra, he would feel much better. The syrup we were using previously would make him sleep for long hours. But with this syrup, he no more demands off to school. Plus as it is Ayurvedic there are no side effects."

- Sofiya Mujawar, Morewadi.