Story of Kaavira

A ring on door made Amar realize that it’s been half an hour he was sitting on sofa thinking about Ratan Tata’s interview. A man who carried forward the legacy of his ancestors with such dignity! It made him wonder how it must be feeling to be the most respected person, to be idols of millions and trillions, and of utmost importance how difficult it must have been to be so consistent.

One thought leading to another made him wonder what if “I have my own company which will serve for the betterment of the society.” Baamm!! “Degree in medical sector, passion of doing something different and willingness to work 24*7”. He never thought that he was going to take such step and never thought dreams can be brought to reality.

First thing he did with these thoughts was to share them with Vasundhara (Mrs. Shah). She was shocked. The last thing she remembered about Amar was watching T.V while lying on sofa.

She asked him in typical tone of wife, “What happened in the last 30 minutes??” He bursted into laugher. Amar explained all the things going on in his head to her, and surprisingly she was supportive about the concept and mainly believed in him which was very much needed at that moment.

That’s how Kaavira naturals an Ayurvedic company was born.Kaavira Naturals is an Ayurvedic company which was founded in the year of 2016 by Amar Shah.

His nature is the most responsible factors of getting this firm to reach its peak. Curious, confident and willingness to reach to the solution are the pillars of his personality. Before having a though of building an Ayurvedic company he was whole seller and retailer of pharmaceutical products.

He was happy doing what he has been doing for years, but it was not enough for him. Enthusiasm makes a person restless. This fact got true about him. Dream to make an Ayurvedic company that can serve millions of people.

The plan of action started with surveying Ayurvedic products and market. Knowing what feedbacks were people giving to the current ayurvedic products, what usage they do etc was part of a survey.

With deep market survey and understanding, he had clear idea of products they were going to launch. Being a student from medical background and holding B. Farm degree, he started writing down the formulae for different products. Consulting and discussing those with the manufacturers. He used to think from all the aspect, be it in selection of herbs, why this, what if other herb is added, what more benefits can be provided in this product. Lots of study and research took a step towards building Kaavira Naturals.

But challenges didn’t stop here. Having funds to build this company was the toughest job, also finding correct team, having correct marketing channel were the hurdles ahead of them.

But dedicated and problem solving nature tackled this hurdles as well. With his wife standing with him through thick and thin he made through all the challenges market offered him.

Building a company is never the final task, but getting certification from standards is also important. With ISO 9001:2015 certification Kaavira Naturals made its way through OTC. Kaavira is now reaching new levels of achievements. It’s better to hear from the owner itself.

Few words by Mr. Amar Shah :

“Our confidence was proved right when we got huge response from the customers. People started preferring Kaavira’s products over other companies products.”