pain balm

    People use Dard and Disco-Strong Pain Balm because :

  • It is made from 9 herbs

  • Small amount of balm is sufficient

  • It comes in orange color

  • It gives instant relief from
    - Cold
    - Headache
    - Body ache

What are the benefits of the herbs used in Dard & Disco balm ?

Sr. No. Ingredient Use
1. Menthol Creates cooling sensation when applied
2. Thymol Preventive medicine of Cold
Helpful in disease such as Bronchitis
3. Clove oil Used as Pain Reliever
Cures Swelling and Soreness
4. Kapoor It acts as a Counter Irritant on skin and is therefore used topically to Relieve pain and swelling
5. Winter green oil Reduces pain and swelling underlying the tissue
Helps in sore throat
6. Cajuput oil Relieves Joint pain
Effective in Cold
7. Pipermint oil Used for Headache, Common Cold, Muscle Ache, Itching (topically=applied on skin)
8. Terpin oil Used in Joint, Muscle pain
Also can be used as inhaler
9. Marich oil Useful in treating Cold, Asthma and other Chronic Respiratory Disorder

How to use it ?

  • Apply on the area affected.


  • It is available in 9 gm of plastic round bottle.



"I am shanti. I am from Satara. I have headache problem, when used dard and disco, it stopped. It is very useful product."

- Shanti Mishra, Satara.

"I am Sudhir, from Chiplun, I had cold and body ache, I tried Dard And Disco balm, which helped to relive the pain. The result showed immediately. Within an half an hour the pain was gone."

- Sudhir Kamble, Chiplun.