skin ointment

    People use Kaavira’s Multipurpose Ayurvedic Skin Ointment because :

  • Its mere presence in home creates assurance to cure many diseases from head to toe

  • It is Antifungal

  • It is very handy remedy in
    - Cold
    - Headache
    - Mild burns on the skin
    - Muscle plain (Knee Pain, Back Pain, Lower Back Pain, Muscle twist etc)
    -Cracked heals
    - Injured part of body

  • There is no need to use different ointments on different pains as Kaavira’s multipurpose ointment solve all the pain problems.

What are the benefits of the herbs used in Skin Ointment ?

Sr. No. Ingredient Use
1. VAVDING It has Anti-Oxidant Effect Provides good Health and Energy
2. MOHRI TEL Regulates Blood Circulation
Stimulates Sensation In The Muscles
Relieves Cold and Cough
Cures Headache
4. NILGIRI TEL Extremely beneficial in case of cough
It is Natural Analgesic (Gives Relief from Pain)
5. ERAND TEL It is Natural Moisturizer
Helpful for stretch marks occurring during pregnancy
6. TIL OIL Cures dry skin and brings glow on the skin Sesame oil protects skin from UV rays
Keeps skin wrinkle free
Also used in case of cracked heels
7. KAPOOR Main purpose of kapoor is pain relief
It acts as a sunscreen for skin

And also Bharang , Takala , Madanak, Owa Phool ,Rall Suddha are used.

How to use it ?

  • Apply this ointment on the area affected.

  • For external use only.

  • Please store in a cool and dry place.


  • This product is available in 25 gm tube.



"I am madhuri from Nagpur.I was having muscle pain. I used kaavira’s cream, I got very good results. Also I used it when I was having cracked heels; it helped me in that also. This is really good multipurpose cream."

- Madhuri Sathe, Nagpur.

"I am 43 years old. I live in Baramati. I was having long time back pain. I tried many products which gave me relief only some time. But that pain would occur again. When I heard Kaavira’s Multipurpose Ointment, I was quiet unsure because of the earlier experiences. But Kaavira’s experience was quiet different. I started feeling much better. And the pain also started minimizing day by day."

- Siddhi Thakkar, Baramati.