People use Dant Rahasya Herbal Tooth Paste because :

  • It is made from 11 Herbal extracts

  • It is chemical free and is healthier for teeth and gums

  • Gives fresh breath

  • Prevents oral cavity

  • While using other toothpastes, gums absorb and person swallows some of the toothpaste. But Dant Rahasya is harmless and even children above 6 years can use it

  • Takes care of Sensitivity

What are the benefits of herbs used in Dant Rahasya ?

Sr. No. Ingredient Use
1. Aloe vera Reduces the risk of Tooth Decay (hole formed inside your tooth)
Kills harmful bacteria
Treats nausea and headache
2. Neem Prevents and heals Gum Diseases
3. Choti illaichi Cures Gum Infection
Relives mouth ulcers
4. Saunf Acts as Mouth Freshener
Gives relief from Morning Sickness
5. Babool Heals Bleeding gums
Strengthens loose teeth
6. Bakul Makes moving teeth stable
Useful in case of Excessive Salivation
7. Ashok Treats Infections
8. Clove oil Treats Inflammation
Avoids Fungal Infection
9. Pippermint oil Effective in combating Bad Breath Numbs pain
10. Pudina Kills bacteria residing on teeth Prevents Infection
11. Kapoor Relives pain
Increases local blood flow

How to use it ?

  • Brush your teeth with Dant Rahsya and use it twice a day for better results.


  • This product is available in tube.



"Using this product I am having good breath. I feel confident when speaking. I eat onions and garlic frequently, but attending meetings after such meals was very uncomfortable. But when I started using this tooth paste I was much comfortable and confident even after eating such foodstuff. It solved my bad breath problem. Also it does not have strong flavored taste."

- Shreryas Kumbhar, Miraj.