tulsi drops

    People use Kaavira’s Tulsi Drops because it :

  • Improves immunity

  • Is natural Antacid

  • Provides relief from respiratory diseases

  • Is useful in dental and oral care

  • Cures Gastro-Intestinal diseases

  • Relieves fever

  • Helps to reduces the chances of having cancer

  • Is proven solution for 200 diseases

  • Is prepared using 100% ayurvedic herbs

  • Is cost efficient as 30 ml bottle is sufficient for duration of 5 months for an individual

  • Is made from 5 different types of Tulsi

Why Tulsi is recommended for health ?

  • From ancient time, Tulsi has been considered as one of the life saviors.

  • People in rural area still have “TULSI VRINDAVAN” in their houses.

  • It is considered as holy, because even the presence of Tulsi plant in the home gives benefits like
    - Fresh aroma
    - Reduces stress
    - Keeps the mosquitoes away etc.

  • Its presence, and use in daily products will definitely give lots of health benefits.

Directions for use

  • 4 drops of Kaavira Tulsi mixed in lukewarm water.

  • Recommended to drink this mixture on an empty stomach every morning.

  • Store it in cool & dry place.

  • After use please tighten the cap of the bottle.


  • This product is available in 30 ml plastic bottle.



"I am Amit, an IT professional. I have used this product multiple times. Being a software engineer I am occupied with lots of work. It was impossible to take Tulsi leaves and boil them in the water regularly. I came across Kaavira’s Tulsi Drops and started using it. It gave immediate relief after consumption. I had coughing problem but daily consumption of Kaavira Tulsi Drops cured all my issues related to cough. I also realized my improved immunity system. Thank you Kaavira for such healthy product."

- Amit Bande, Kolhapur.

"I am Mr. Kulkarani,School teacher. I feel use of such ancient plant is really great. Being professor I spend most of my time speaking which causes itching like problems in my throat. Using Kaavira Tulsi Drops I realized it as a “relaxant of the throat“. My family and I have been using this product on different problems, like skin care, respiratory system problems. Even everyday consumption can result into good health."

- S. Kulkarni, Nanded.