People use Kaavira’s Inhaler because :

  • It gives instant relief from choked nose

  • It can be used for any sort of nose related allergy

  • It can be used as often as needed

  • It is Ayurvedic product

What are the benefits of the herbs used in Kaavira Inhaler ?

Sr. No. Ingredient Use
1. Flowers of Pudina Effective relief for respiratory disorders
Treats nausea and headache
2. Kapoor Treats cold and cough
3. Winter green oil Cures headache, fever, asthama

How to use it ?

  • Inhale from one nostril while second nostril is closed.

  • Inhale deeply to have breathing better.

  • Use as often as needed.



"I am sujata, I used this inhaler and it is really good. My nose was chocked due to cold, but using this product I was able to breathe comfortably."

- Sujata Gujar, Thane.